Manage export documentation with specific software

The challenge

It is essential thar exporters present to the customs authorities and their customers the correct and consistent information with the delivery of goods to comply with the regulations of origin and destination. The goods must be in motion while the process is being administered. In the case of  operations with documentary letter of credit it is essential to avoid errors and to comply with deadlines for boarding and presenting documents.

The solution

One of the functionalities of Eintrade is to  create commercial documents automatically, withour errors, accelerating the export process in all phases: negotiation, logistics and documents presentation. The application also includes  tracking functionality and alerts of deadlines for operations linked to letters of credit and other documentary menas of payment.

The benefits

The creation of correct and timely export documents allows the sales process to be fluid, and that our international customers have real-time information on the status of their orders. With the issuance of correct documents and on time, the  collection of operations is faster.


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Eintrade team