Free and affordable digital tools for streamlining international trade

Industry of software for international trade

Besides GTM systems (Global Trade Management) developed by main players of GT software industry, different digital tools and apps are available nowadays, free software or at a low cost in order to help international companies to make their tasks agile and simplify their processes in an efficient way and low cost.This type of applications are called Best of Breed, best solution for a certain activity. The current trend is that companies choose to implement Best of Breed solutions together with ERPs.

Software Best of Breed versus ERPs

Best of Breed software is more versatile than ERP software. It's easier to implement, with more specific functionalities , and better adapted to specific problems. Best of Breed allows a better fit into corporative workflow and a faster training for users. In general, the more complex and dynamic the internal processes are, the more advantages will be obtained from the Best of Breed software in the company. This specific type of software stands for innovation and differentiation for an optimal management, reliable with high volumes of data, high efficiency and productivity at a lower cost.

Some examples of free or affordables applications to streamline international trade

Some examples of digital tools are the applications offered by banks, forwarders and other companies and public entities through corporate websites:

Reduce the complexity of global trade with suitable tools.

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