How to streamline the logistic process of exports

Export, a complex and fragmented process

From a logistic point of view, it is a challenge to successfully manage an export from start to finish. From the start of negotiation with the customer, settling an agreement of the terms of the operation, during the transport of the materials and in the last phase of sending the documentation to the customer and arrival of the merchandise. Through all this process an infinity of data, documents and communications are handled. Simultaneously  problems and incidences must be solved in real time, because the flow of goods never stop moving, there is no much space for reflection.

The  entire process can last from a few hours to several months. The complexity arises from the participation of different actors in each operation. Also the different documentary and information requirements to coordinate all the actors and deliver goods on time make the process highly demanding.

The key to success

An export involvs people, processes and flows of information and goods. There are 6 key points to control at all times in order to successfully manage any international operation.

    Agility in the internal processes of the company . Streamline internal processes, coordinatin personnel in the different departments or functional roles in the company.

    Data and documents accesible to all personnel involved, to avoid errors.

    Essential collaboration in the different departments or roles involved in exports, visualizing the entire process as a whole.

    Optimized documentary management minimizing the use of paper and manual means, prioritizing digital tools.

    Agile response to the customers, being able to give accurate information about their orders and deliveries. This information should be accessible to a few clicks.

    Real-time monitoring of the entire export process, visualizing it as a whole, not fragmented. Visualization and control are essential to detect any incident and solve it immediately.

The role of IT solutions

The specific applications for international trade can help solve these critical points. Software definitively integrates all operations, automating tasks and streamlining data and documents flows. A condition form successfully implement these IT solutions is the  adequate trainign of personnel involved in international logistics.

Las soluciones IT adaptadas al comercio internacional y el personal formado en habilidades digitales marcarán el futuro próximo de la gestión del comercio global y favorecerán su democratización.

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